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At GLEAMMEE, we believe EVERY BODY IS FABULOUS and there is no imperfect body but only wrongly chosen outfits.

We are on mission to empower everyone to dress their best-self and become conscious shoppers.

This is why we developed an artificial intelligence powered app for you to know what apparels truly match with your physical attributes, to discover how to dress and to shop clothes to flatter you.

With Gleammee you will wear what you buy and shop clothes that truly fits your body morphology and your colorimetry. 

Using Gleammee is free. Download the App now!



for free!

Answering an interactive quiz and uploading a picture of you is enough to establish your Gleammee profile.


We combine body morphology and colorimetry profiling with machine learning to give you real-time comprehensive recommendations on what types of clothes, colors, patterns and  fabrics  are most flattering on you.

your physical attributes

With Gleammee, you can create your personal virtual closet by selecting your favorite clothes among those recommended to best flatter you.


You can shop them, then upload pictures to share and access them back anytime on your mobile device.

with our in-app premium advises

You do not want to spend hundreds even thousands of dollars to pay for a coach or a personal shopper.

You are looking for advises to dress and reflect your best self?.

You need dressing recommendations for a special occasion.


You have difficulties to dress or you struggle with aspects of your silhouette you do not like.


With Gleammee premium advises, you will discover how to highlight your physical attributes, get personal dressing tips and know techniques on how to always look and feel like your best self.



Download the App

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Our  vision is to stop waste in fashion and to empower our users to find their best-self.

We make professional image consulting accessible and benefit our users

to know what to wear, to learn how to dress and to shop clothes made to flatter them.

believe the combination of Image Consulting techniques automation with machine learning and image processing Technologies into a mobile application will empower our users to always succeed in dressing and shopping Fashion online." - Frank, CEO and co-founder 

"Gleammee is not another shopping tool that focus on sizing. It is about self-coaching .

By becoming their own image consultant, our users learn by their selves what to shop without wasting and how to dress well in any life situation.

We empower them to create their personal style to feel good and find their best-self."  

Eve, Chief of Style and co-founder


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